Rosina Ave., Covington

The homeowner wanted to protect and improve his property, and had many follow-up plans after the painting was completed. We came in with a full crew and spent 3 days scraping old paint and caulking before we could start painting.

We brushed 2 coats of Sherwin-Williams Duration® over the clapboard and trim. The homeowner followed up by replacing the old windows and landscaping. Homeowner comment: “I couldn’t be more pleased. The guys really worked their hearts out.”

Canterbury Drive, Edgewood

A large and lovely home with a colorful interior, that we mostly neutralized to help ensure a quick sale.


This homeowner asked us back multiple times for both interior and exterior painting. We started in the huge great room, and eventually painted most of the other rooms. Preparing for re-sale, the homeowner wanted milder, more neutral colors to appeal to a larger audience.



Homeowner comment: “Thanks for coming in and doing such a great job, respecting my house and taking the time and care to go over details and touch-ups. It was a pleasure meeting you and your crew.”

Stablewatch Dr., Independence

A newer brick home with trim that needed some attention.

A newer brick home, only the trim needed attention, but it needed lots of attention. Wood had not been sealed and windows weren’t fully caulked. We replaced some wood that had moisture damage, and caulked and sealed all the windows and doors.

Homeowner comment: “Professional from start to finish. Estimate given in a clear professional printout at initial visit. Advice and recommendations were given by painting staff on an in-person walk through when appointment was made prior to paint date. ”

East 7th St., Newport

409 East 7th StreetThis home was selected for the first Newport Stained Glass Walk and the homeowner wanted to change from plain white trim to something that would complement the 6 elegant stained glass windows. All the trim was scraped and cleaned to the bare wood, which allowed a lot of opportunities to caulk and seal the base. In a few instances, wood was replaced or re-aligned. Beige and light brown paint brought out details, without overwhelming them.

In addition to painting, we tuck-pointed the brick and did a little repair to the box gutters.

Homeowner comment: “We had so many fine details that just didn’t show before. Your attention to those details really brought them out, and you did it all for a great price.”

Angies List

East 9th St., Newport

Almost two houses in one, we were still able to complete this project quickly.
For this homeowner with historic preservation credentials, the goal was to make the house sell, and make it an attractive anchor in the neighborhood. We painted the brick exterior and all the trim. There were not too many repairs needed, although we did re-shingle the front of the attached outbuilding. Here is the homeowner’s response: “I am really pleased with the paint job and have an offer the first week on the market!”

Angies List