Giving back to our community is not just good business, it’s a responsibility.

Glouster is a little Ohio town 100 miles from anywhere. The railroad and all the industry are gone and the once-thriving town hasn’t much to keep it going. With years of neglect, this centerpiece of the Heartland was peeling and fading in more than just its paint. One man can make a difference, and Jim Cotter chose to be that man when he showed up with a paintbrush and a bucket of paint and started in to work. At first people were baffled by him, not understanding why he thought he could change the town, but then they started to help. Now he regularly has several people working with him and they plan to cover the whole town with a fresh coat of paint.

Glouster Volunteers house painting

When I heard about this inspiring story on CBS’s Sunday Morning program, it touched me. I grew up in a similar Ohio town and wanted to help Jim with his plan of action. Most charities want money, but Jim wanted paint and painting tools, and that was something LVX had in plenty. We drove out one Sunday and dropped off 60 gallons of paint, rollers, poles, paint trays, caulking and more.

If you’d like to help the Glouster Volunteers, either through time, money or materials, please visit their web page.