Historic homes are different. Buildings that have survived 70, 80, 100 or more years have done so because they were built carefully to begin with, and have been loved through at least some of their lives. Those of us who appreciate historic homes, do so for many reasons: the sturdiness with which they were constructed; the interesting details that make a wall more than just a flat surface; and, of course, the stories that accumulate over a long life.

Historic homes also need extra attention. The ground settles, weather constantly creates stress, and modern materials come along, some of which are vast improvements, some of which are not. How often do we find that the “improvements” made by a previous owner are the source of current headaches?

If you own such a home, you need maintenance from someone who appreciates it as much as you do. Whether you just need a fresh coat of paint, or want to strip it to the bare surface and do a complete restoration, LVX Painting can help. We’ll not only apply color where you ask, but search for and find the gaps, cracks and holes that need to be filled, the wood that is showing signs of water damage, the bricks, stucco and plaster that are beginning to crumble.

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