8th Street, East Row, Newport

One of our local projects, we were able to paint several rooms for this nice couple, including the living room, dining room, a bright red accent wall in the kitchen, and the vaulted ceiling bedroom. A few days after we finished up, they called us back to paint the kitchen cabinets. There’s nothing better than repeat business!

I’m Anne Storey and I live in Newport. We had LVX Painting do our kitchen cabinets, which were dark brown. We wanted them lighter and we painted them white, which looks fantastic. They also painted our red wall for us, and painted our dining room, and painted our bedroom. I’m very happy with the job they did; it’s very professional and I recommend them.

The kitchen was already attractive, but the accent wall needed to be touched up, and despite a lot of windows, the dark cabinets made the space feel smaller and darker.

The bedroom is an interesting space. A previous owner had taken out a small attic to give a vaulted ceiling to the master bedroom. The upper windows give a lot of light. Some minor repairs to the drywall were needed, and it took two days to do the bedroom and bathroom, but with cool neutrals and warm accents, the space looks, as the homeowner says, “fantastic.”